What are NFTs? and because $69 Million USD

What is an NFT's and why so much rage in the art and creative industry? 

In a few words, it is: The new digital trend that pays with cryptocurrencies for digital content the exclusivity of the single or serial piece. 

That's how it is! some may have already heard this on news like CHRISTIE'S one of the most famous auction houses in New York auctioned the first digital piece  EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS by artist Beeple Mike Winkelmann for the sum of only US $ $69,346,250 

It is a reality that the unique creations of plastic and digital artists are sometimes not appreciated ... or at least until now ... since if you have or handle any cryptocurrency, now you can offer your creation or buy digital art that increases in value, through platforms such as:








For many it may be strange that you want to acquire something digital, but perhaps you are not the niche to whom this type of digital trend is directed or you still do not know what you can achieve with it, since it is a new way to have digital art in addition to a new way investment that rises in value and of course! it depends on the digital market.

But it is also well known that culture changes radically and opens up new opportunities for the art investor and the artist. Today there is a large market that has digital capital and wants to invest in something that, according to the immediate future, that acquires extra value and can collect or at the moment that someone in any part of the world offers a good sum ... Why no?  Sell it to earn even more!   also the artist will continue enjoying royalties every time you sell from a 10% to a 30%  depending on the platform.

So now you know, this is not only for graphic illustration or video, you can also offer for music, literature, gifs and even your first tweet as Jack Dorsey that sold for USD $2.5 mill  same that were donated to a good cause.

The industry is constantly changing and it is important to know what you can do to change with it, adapt or simply get to know it and watch it pass ... but nowadays letting the “waves” of innovation pass are not an option.

Imagine what you can achieve for your company or corporate, to promote and make something that is collectible more durable, just imagine… What if you made collectible digital cards like the ones NBA TOP SHOT USD$230 mill

NBA TopShot opens to public after closed beta drives $2M in NFT sales | CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event

The limit is your imagination, today you can achieve things that before (months or a few years ago) were unthinkable.




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