Digital transformation and its importance in sales.

Digital transformation and its importance in sales.

The Mexicans we consult an average of 5 sources before making a purchase decision, according to a study carried out in January 2021 by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO).

It means that if a person who is determined to buy a solution that you could provide, and when they come across your website does not conclude that your company is the best option, it is most likely that some competitor will take the sale. 

This might pose a hypothetical but useful question: How do I know I am not letting go of a 30% – 50% from salesBecause interested prospects who came across my website didn't quickly understand my core value proposition, or some other informational factor caused my competition to appear more trustworthy or attractive? 

The most common idea among business managers or owners is that their website is “ok”, after all it was designed by professionals and the communication was done according to the given specifications; but as a sign that you can always improve, in a case study report from the Meclabs institute, it was shown that an improvement in the communication of a landing page for a construction company "Toll Brothers", generated an increase of 166.5% in capturing qualified prospects by modifying the text and reducing steps (friction).

There is no reason why the search for products or services online should slow down after the crisis caused by the pandemic, although the situation created a watershed in the way of prospecting and selling, it is expected that by 2025 e-commerce will grow by 226% as mentioned by Forbes. Which is quite remarkable considering that in 2020 the amount of e-commerce sales in Mexico was estimated at $316 billion pesos according to the AMVO report.

Retail is far from being replaced by digital, but it is a reality that the buyer has at hand an increasingly wide repertoire of options to make a decision before visiting a physical place.

Whether they are comparing provider options, searching for locations, comparing prices, availability, etc. the search for the solution is regularly done on google, or brand awareness from social networks; so it is key to have a good ad strategy, accompanied by a website or "landing page" that communicates effectively. Why should they choose us vs. to the competition? 

If you are not sure that your digital lead capture strategy is optimized, or you do not yet have one implemented, at Nigo Design® we can support you with a diagnosis at no cost. We have a unique methodology that allows us to clearly detect if your digital sales funnel could be improved in terms of conversion. This is achieved by carefully planning the order of conclusions that should occur in the minds of your prospects and comparing the most effective ways to achieve it.



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