The world of multilevel or networking is demonized and with good reason

Thousands of companies are born every year in all the countries of the world, some supplements and others more innovative digital ones that are very trendy, and as in everything, some are very well advised and structured, but others just to be born, without feet or head... because collaborators with "intuition", knowledge and possibility of investment or “Top Diamonds” leaders when they already earn enough, who see and believe it is “easy” to earn money Making their own multi-level company, they embark on this great journey and only a few survive.

Why is it that some continue and others don't?

It may be easier than it seems, but it has to do with the ability to react immediately to the changes that the population needs today, post-pandemic. That's how it is, the current generation requires everything, immediately! express, you order from Amazon or Mercado Libre and it even arrives the same day if you are prime or pay more in your membership to get better benefits than the bunch, that's right, the bunch, because if you don't have a real value or differentiator and If you do it for the benefit of your clients, it will not be a good experience and whenever they have a bad time, they will avoid your brand, company and even today they will give you a lower rating and nowadays the emotional experience beats the experience of time. because the emotions are immediate and we should know enjoy the moment or simply miss our opportunity to understand what we can improve in our processes and equipment, to always be perfectible and have the humility to accept that we do wrong and let those who know act and demonstrate what will be best for your new company.

Perhaps we are "badly accustoming" customers or distributors to an immediate response, but it is culturally accepted that it is fine and whoever is faster and delivers with quality of service, in addition to always being attentive to what is needed, survives.

Even your value proposition may not be the product, the lowest price, or even the most powerful and attractive compensation and bonus plan, even if it is “infinite” (sure! with “n” locks in small letters, but infinite). Perhaps your value proposition is the direct and very personalized attention that you have that nobody, absolutely nobody knows better what your distributor or client wants.

Multilevel and network marketing distributors are always looking for "the best" for themselves and their organization, there are distributors of everything, such as:

  1. Loyal Distributor and Leader: Those who, from the moment they enter and the company is founded, and even before its pre-launch, are completely committed to the company, to them and their organization, never letting their network down, they are always there. These Leaders are the MOST VALUABLE. Loyalty is a great quality of respect, fidelity and commitment that is rarely seen today, however, if their loyalty is affected, it is also broken and they will look for where they are valued for it.
  2. Distributor and visionary leader: He is the one who learned after many blows and failures to identify and filter the new multi-level or networking opportunities, he goes directly to ask the launch plan, repurchases, what is the financial muscle and support that he can offer and above all that they are well established Opportunities and constantly evaluate based on results, red flags and innovations that may be there to buy it, although once you see these characteristics are diminished and the attention is affected, you will immediately be with one foot in and two out.
  3. Opportunistic or mercenary distributor: These types of distributors are more common and easier to see, recruit and convince, since everything is "bumped" but... although sometimes, it can help you and take advantage of their skills (because yes, they are very skilled, they know how to do business and multiply) They are very fickle, demanding and not very loyal, as soon as they stop receiving money (due to poor results or temperament) they leave and speak very badly of the company from which they leave and wonders from which they enter. But they are "burnt cartridges" although some "thunder again"

In conclusion, it is not enough that the multilevel or networking MLM company is well advised by specialists in the trade, they need to have a clear structure and also always innovate, in products, services, plans, launches, digital tools, applications and everything that add to automate and digitalize in an efficient and very professional way, creating synergies to generate valuable content for your new company, future leaders, distributors and have a great international expansion as well as have a very robust and healthy financial stability.

Author : Edison Nieves

Director at NigoDesign® Specialists in MKT MLM Natural Supplements, Pharmaceuticals & Pets.

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